Good Stuff {February Edition}

"zOMG" I am following through on my word,
and I'm doing another one of these posts.

Here's a few things that I've been loving this month:

1. This lotion made me scream, and jump up and down in Target.
No, not because Kelsey was trying to light me on fire.
Although, she was standing awful close...and looked rather suspicous.
I bought this a couple years ago, but couldn't find it again.
"New Look" - they weren't kidding. Fooled me. 
But it's the best thing for my dry skin. THE BEST, I say.

2. You might be thinking, "Why not use the coconut oil to cure your dry skin?"
And you could be right. But for now, I'm using it on my hair.
I followed this tutorial, and put WAY TOO MUCH in my hair.
So, it was a little greasy for a day or two, but then? Then it felt amazing.
I plan on doing it weekly, and not using as much from now on.
PS: I bought organic because I'm fancy. JK. I bought it because it was on sale.

3. I know people like to fight over my friendship, but haters, back off!
This here's my best friend, and her name is WomanLog.
(such an unfortunate name, I know)
But it's an app that tracks my period! And ovulation!
(two of my favorite things to talk about)
Side note: if you don't know if you're ovulating, you must not be.
Because HOLY HELL.
You can also track your symptoms. My favorites include:
"Crying" and "Irritability" and "Ate an entire pizza, but still hungry" ...just to name a few.

I guess you could also use that app if you're trying to get pregnant.
But ew. Stop it.

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