Last Week Can Kick Rocks.

I was in a terrible mood all last week,
though I tried my best to hide it.
I blame PMS. And society, in general.

Work was exhausting.
Have you ever had those days when you just feel like, "What's the point?"
That was me - every day last week.
"What's the point of being here? Is this helping me achieve my end goal?"

Cause I'm the type of person who has goals now. Sort of.
(and the answer to that question is no, it's not helping)

I was happy to be back at spin,
but all the spinning in the world couldn't pull me out of my funk.

The light at the end of the tunnel was Friday night pizza.
I was also pretty excited about Super Bowl snacks.

So, the thought food kept me moving forward.
I can totally blame PMS for that, right? Right.

But today? Today I woke up in an okay mood.
Which is better than a bad mood, but not as good as a great mood.

I ran out of the lotion that I normally use,
and I had to use this coconut lotion (that I won in a blog giveaway many moons ago).

Between the smell of coconut, that makes me so excited for warmer weather,
and the cup of coffee in front of me that is just perfect,
I'm ready for the week.

I hope I can say the same in an hour or two.
Happy Monday, y'all.