Stream of Consciousness: Part Three

1. My favorite blog posts are pictures of people's houses. I'm so nosey like that. I'm sometimes fascinated by how big (and nice!) some people's houses are, and I can't help but wonder how someone my age (or younger) affords it. Then I remember that it's much cheaper to live down South than it is to live in New York State, and I feel better. Then I also remember that these bloggers are DINKS (duel income, no kids), while I'm a SINK-LOC (single income, no kids - lots of cats).

2a. Last week I went out to lunch for one of my co-worker's birthdays. This is something we do for everyone in the office. It's always a welcomed break that includes dessert, so how can I hate it? A man came into the restaurant and sat down at a table near us. He was by himself, and placed a book bag down on the chair across from him. He just sat there - no book, newspaper, phone, anything in his hands. So, naturally, I assumed there was a bomb in his book bag and he was going to blow the place up. I couldn't enjoy my meal because I was so worked up and anxious.

2b. I really wish 2a was a joke. It's not.

3. I've had my blog for two and half years, so I should probably start a photography business soon, right?

4. Friends, I'm going to level with you - if you have a wedding or baby board on Pinterest, you can be sure that I've unfollowed it. Even if I love you, I don't love wedding and/or baby pins. I just don't. However, I love food pins, and will stalk your food boards like a fucking savage.

5. I'm considering changing my birthday on Facebook to see how many people wish me a happy birthday vs. how many people call me out for it being wrong. What can I say, I'm bored 99.9% of the time, and figured this would be a good social experiment.

6. But why aren't there In-N-Outs around here?

7. "YOU CALL ME UP AGAIN, JUST TO BREAK ME LIKE A PROMISE. SO CASUALLY CRUEL IN THE NAME OF BEING HONEST." Someone get this Taylor Swift song out of my head now, please.

8. I'm growing out my bangs - which is something I haven't done since I was in elementary school. Patience is not my virtue, so we'll see if I actually stick with it. (I will, Kelsey, okay? I will.)

9a. Despite the fact that I knew my period was coming (and the fact that I've been getting it for 16 years) (I'm disgusting), I still let PMS get the best of me last week. For example, I started writing this post last Friday, and that resulted in #3, which is full of snark. However, I'm leaving it, because I probably should start a photography business, riiight?

9b. I guess I can't blame my shitty personality entirely on PMS.

10. I'm crushing so hard on someone, but I think he has a girlfriend. Is this 10th grade? I didn't sign up for this shit. Can someone pass him a note during study hall and ask him to check "single" or "taken" and report back? Please and thank you.