27.5: A Bucket List

Yesterday was my half birthday.
(thank you, Whitney, for remembering!)
I'm on the downward spiral toward 28, and ya know what?
Fuck it. It's cool. I'm fine with it.

But there are some things I want to get done in the next six months.
And what better what to ensure they happen,
than to put them on the Internet for the world to see?

1. Learn how to properly curl my hair.
This might seem ass backwards, since my hair is naturally curly.
But I hate the way it looks when I only put a little gel in it.
I want to be able to control the curls, so I need to learn the ways of a curling iron.
(I'm lookin at you, Mills.)

2. Follow through with my spring/summer projects. Which include:
Painting two curio cabinets.
Designing, printing, and framing quotes for my quote wall.
Framing 3 prints I've had sitting around for a while.
Sprucing up the back deck so I can spend every night out there.
And photographing all of this (with the good camera!) to prove that I did it.

3. I feel like #2 was a lot, so let's go easy with #3, okay?
How about a weekend dedicated to binge watching an entire series.
Yes, series, because I can easily take out a season of something in a day.
But I have *so many* shows people keep saying I need to watch,
so why not spend (a rainy?) weekend watching one of them.
Give me a suggestion.

4. Go to the Sharon Springs Harvest Festival in September.
Have you ever heard of The Beekman Boys?
They are the cutest humans slash won The Amazing Race a couple years ago.
And their house, the Beekman Mansion, is in Sharon Springs (about an hour away from me).
And every year Mills and I discuss going to the festival, and every year we don't.
Well, this year, it's happening. Hopefully we'll get Beekman tour tickets, too.
That way we can see the house, and meet those handsome boys!

Okay, four things seems like enough. Let's not get overzealous, Alissa.

What's on your bucket list?