Another One.

{stolen from Michelle again} {also, written on Sunday. again.}

Reading // Um. Text messages. That's really been it lately. Kelsey offered to read out loud from Will Grayson, Will Grayson while I sat in front of my oven and watched these bake on Saturday, but she didn't. Or maybe she did. I am easily distracted by food.

Writing // This post...along with four others I have been working on for this week.

Listening // To this song. It's the first Avett Bros song I fell in love with.

Thinking // That I need to get this post done soon, because The Walking Dead is on in twenty minutes. Have I mentioned how I watch that show with my eyes covered? I love it, but it can freak me out.

Smelling // Nothing. I have a slight cold. I blame my nephew.

Wishing // That this week flies by. That never seems to be the case when you have something to look forward to, ya know?

Hoping // That my house will clean itself.

Wearing // My Pizza Joint hoodie! It's my favorite sweatshirt. I'll have to Instagram it sometime.

Loving // My new headband I bought at spin this morning. It's purple, which is my favorite color to wear besides black.
("Black isn't a color." - Kelsey) (no shit)

Wanting // Spring. Or just for it to stop snowing. Or Summer. Or all of the above.

Needing // To edit the video Kelsey and I made on Saturday. I will get around to it, I promise!

Feeling // All sorts of feels every time I think of this post from Whitney's Instagram:

I hate that Utah and New York are so far away from each other.