I Have to Find That Melody Alone.

I read this post by Meg Fee about a year ago.
In it she talks about a conversation she had with a man about finding "Ella."
Read the post, and you'll understand.

And as I read it for the very first time, I thought to myself, "Mumford and Sons!"
Because there's never been a band that has torn my heart apart with one line,
only to slowly piece it back together with the next.

Until The Avett Brothers.

I actually emailed Kelsey the other day,
and said I'm considering tattooing a line from this song on my arm.

Ha. We'll see.

Also, the banjo? How can you not love a banjo?
"Dat banjo, doe." - me, every time I hear one.

Needless to say, seeing them perform live tonight,
will be nothing short of amazing.

Is it okay that I have two Ellas? I think so, right?

If you've never heard any of their songs,
I highly recommend starting with this one.
It's the one that hooked me.

And if you like Bob Dylan, this cover is on repeat at my house every morning.

Who is your Ella?