My Tough Mudder.

I'm obsessed with Target.

I know many of you feel the same way I do,
but I feel the need to publicly confess how often I go.
I'd say average of 5 days a week.

Is there a 12 step program for this? I'm serious.

Unless I'm doing some serious damage,
I try not to even pick up a basket when I walk in.
And I rarely - rarely - allow myself to get a cart.

And I have to say, I've only regretted not getting a cart once.
I forgot I needed cat litter - and a 25lb box of that justifies a cart.

If I spend $50 or less in one trip, it's a good day.

A few weeks ago, Kelsey and I stopped in quickly for a Saturday hang sesh haul.
And, like always, I picked up a basket. And, like always, I quickly filled it up.
But I had an extra set of hands to help me carry stuff.
"Can you grab that for me?" - me, to Kelsey, about 10 times.

It was finally time to make our way to the registers,
and I was about halfway there when I realized I was not going to make it.
Something, I don't know what, but something was going to drop, I just knew it.
She was about 10 steps ahead of me, and I was all,
"Go on without me! Save yourself!"

She turned around and said,
"What's that race with all the obstacles? That only crazy people compete in?"
To which I responded, "...the Tough Mudder?"

And that's how my Target Tough Mudder was born.

I'm happy to say I didn't drop anything that day.
Nor did I drop anything yesterday when I stopped in on my lunch break,
and felt a little ballsy, so I didn't pick up a basket.
But found myself purchasing new couch pillows,
which made getting to the register without dropping anything very difficult.
But I did it (bicep emoji).

Have you ever competed in a Target Tough Mudder?