Secret Single Behavior.

I just have to say, if you have never watched Sex & The City,
you're doing yourself a disservice.
Please, allow me to give you my HBO Go password, so you can binge watch the series.

With that said, I'm stealing this post idea from Kerri,
who got the idea of "Secret Single Behavior" or SSB from the show.
(which, by the way, was from my favorite episode -- ever)

As Carrie Bradshaw described it,
it's stuff that you never want your boyfriend to see you do.
I don't have a boyfriend, so let's just say these are things I wouldn't want you to see me do.

Here we go.

1. I have this weird obsession with pickles. Hamburger dill, cold.
I'll buy a jar every Sunday, and eat the pickles while I cook dinner each night.
And once they are gone, I'll keep the juice.
Because, hello, pickle juice is practically a delicacy in my house.

2. I'll leave my clothes in the dryer for days and days.
Basically until I have to take them out because I washed sheets or towels.
Which means my clothes are typically ridiculously wrinkly, and have to be washed again.

3. I cut my finger nails standing over the toilet.
I like 'em short, so I use clippers, and I stand above the toilet and clip.
And then I flush, cause I'm a lady.

4. What's that? Oh, yeah, that's gum.
I don't know when I stopped throwing gum out,
but it's apparent that I prefer to stick it to whatever surface is closest to me.
I cannot tell you how many times I've woken up and found gum on my night stand.

And finally, what some of you have witnessed...

5. Screw cups, I drink straight from the carton.
Whether it's water, or Arnie, be careful! Ask first.
Odds are I have to open a new one for you,
cause my mouth as been on the one you're holding.

(But if I do use a cup, it's a mason jar. Sorry, Tiff.)

What's your SSB?