Stream of Consciousness: Part Five

1. But how does an entire plane just...disappear?

2. I'm editing the video I recorded while I was in NYC with Kelsey and Michelle last week. I love that we have the trip recorded, but I'm so sad that it's over. We made a pact that we'll always have something planned and never go more than 6 months without hanging out. Our next adventure is set for the beginning of August - more on that once everything is confirmed.

3a. Yes or no to forearm tattoos:

I'd get Avett Brothers lyrics, and in a script that you can read. But you get the idea.

3b. I'll probably never do it, but just play along, will ya?


5. So, I watched this video the other day (it's of strangers kissing for the first time), and I felt uncomfortable in my own skin for a solid 20 minutes afterward. Why? I don't know. It's my own fault for watching it in the first place, since I know how bad my secondhand embarrassment is. Have you watched it? What do you think?

6. "Let me whack off my foodie dick." - something that I say far too much. It's from an old DailyGrace video, and I typically accompany it with inappropriate hand gestures.

7. I need this shirt:

8. I have some many spring projects on tap! Painting cabinets, finally getting around to that damn quote wall, and converting my deck into an optimal hangout spot, are all on my to do list. Also, anyone good with a power drill? I have a hammock chair that needs hanging.

9. "Love your curves, and all your edges...all your perfect imperfections." - me, to pizza.