Things I want you to know.

I have to say the same thing to my cats every morning before I leave the house:
Tino - you're in charge. Nico - clean your room. Moosh - don't be a douche.
Blame it on OCD, blame it on me being crazy,
But I have to say it before I leave.

And when I walk into my house every night, I always say:
"Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitties rockin' everywhere!"
(to the tune of this song)

Speaking of cats, there was a black cat on my deck this morning.
I opened my curtains and SCREAMED, because I thought it was Tino.
I thought I had left him outside all night long and I felt like a terrible mom.

It wasn't him, though. And when I went outside to give it some food...
(and water) (and a blanket I warmed up in the dryer) (ps: I'm dying alone with 72 cats)
...THE CAT RAN AWAY. I can only hope that it went back to its own house.

It's like you're my mirror staring back at me.

I almost just said, "See you next Tuesday" to a volunteer in an email.
Not in a mean way. I really will see her next Tuesday.

I love the word twat.
"Twat are you doing?"
"Twats up?"
"Get the jelly, twat."

If that makes me less of a lady, so be it.

I think that's enough.
What's new with you?