Things You Wouldn't Know About Me {Unless We've Hung Out}

1. It is extremely difficult for me to pick out an outfit quickly.
Yes, most of my clothes are black. No, it doesn't make things eaiser.
I plan days in advance to prevent the shit show of clothes that is often my bedroom.
I'm currently brainstorming Saturday's outfit.

2. I have a conch piercing.
What? Ew. Google it. It's not disgusting, I promise.
Please do not ask if it hurt, because I blacked out and don't remember.
My hair covers it for the most part.

3. I pick my food apart before I eat it.
I don't know, just ignore me.

4. I am very polite to strangers - my mother raised me well.
Unless someone sasses me, then forget about it.
But, my "phone voice" is so fake, I even annoy myself.
And Kelsey loves calling me out for it.

5. I swear a lot. A lot, a lot. Without realizing it.
Do not bring your children around me if I've been drinking.

6. I hate attention, and I'm very quiet.
But only if I don't know you, and/or I'm sober.
If we're friends slash I'm drunk, watch out.

7. At any given point in time,
I'll have one or more of the following items stashed in my bra:
A bobby pin. A tampon. My e-cig.
So, if you see me grabbing my boob, I'm just reaching for one of those things.

What don't I know about you?