{stolen from Michelle again} {written on Sunday. again.}

Reading // Quotes on Tumblr. I wish AIM was still cool, because I have some great ideas for a profile. Speaking of that - I spent entirely too much time crafting the best profiles when I was in middle/high school. And away messages? Don't even get me started on those. Let's bring AIM back, because I feel tres stupid posting lyrics on Facebook or Twitter.

Writing // Well, this.

Listening // To this song. I love Nashville so much, and this is one of my favorite songs from the show.

Thinking // That I need to get some Instagram pictures printed. Has anyone ever done it before? What site did you use?

Smelling // The candle I'm burning - Sage and Citrus from Yankee Candle (personal favorite).

Wishing // The snow would melt, and not come back again until December.

Hoping // That they don't kill Daryl off on The Walking Dead. Granted, by the time this is posted, I will have watched Sunday night's episode, but still. I love that redneck, and I'd like him to stick around.

Wearing //

I haven't worn my hair down since last April or May, I believe. It's been a while. It feels weird, hence the facial expression.

Loving // That I will be seeing The Avett Brothers not once, but twice, over the summer. I'm going in June to Atlantic City, and then again in August in Ohio. Which means I will also get to see Michelle in August, so all is well in my world right now.

Wanting // To go shopping for spring/summer clothes. Y'all, I want some raspberry shorts, and mint green capris. Please, smack me.

Feeling // Tired. Lots of late nights recently - all worth it, though.