Alissa Lately.

I spent Sunday afternoon in bed.
I was mentally exhausted after being with my family all morning,
and just needed a quiet 5 hours to myself, you know?

My house didn't get cleaned, but being a bum was worth it.

In a quest to find a copy of A League of Their Own in the $5 movie bins,
at Target and Walmart, I have purchased the following movies:

Catch Me If You Can
The Sandlot

And I say the same thing whenever I pick up a new (old) movie:
"I'm just beefing up my DVD collection."

Which typically prompts Kelsey to say something all the lines of,
"You're such an embarrassment."

I've really wanted to watch Selena ever since I saw this shirt online.
It slays me! Ehh, probably not the right thing to say.

Speaking of Selena, I've retweeted the following tweet SO MANY TIMES,
that Twitter now refuses to let me retweet it:

But, needless to say, I have not found A League of Their Own anywhere,
and I'm pretty pissed about that.

How have you been?