Annoyances. Part Two.

It's the sun - it has to be the sun.
Because even though things are annoying me,
I'm still in a great mood.

1. Why is it that my black flats keep giving me a blister?
I've worn them for over two years. They are broken in.
Actually, they are falling apart.
And I'm not the type of girl who carries bandaids around,
so I have a piece of scotch tape on the back of my ankle,
to prevent this blister from getting any worse.

2. The following words really irritate me (for no real reason):
"Organic" "Vegan" "Paleo" "Shakeology" and of course "Gluten Free"
The other night at spin, someone was talking about organic salads,
and I rolled my eyes so hard, my entire head moved.
If you're into that kind of stuff, that's great...
but get off your fuckin' soap box, cause you aren't the only one.

3. Sweaty selfies after a workout*. Why?
But why? I can't even take a selfie after I spent an hour getting ready,
and you're posting one on FB or Instagram after a 12 mile run?
I know, I know - I should be all, "Good for you!"
But really, I'm like, "You look like you smell like ass."

I hope we can still be friends.

*I'm not judging anyone sending me a post-workout snap.
I'll take a thousand and one Snapchats of myself, at home, after spin.
Because that shit is gone 10 seconds later.

{part one, from forever ago, found here}