Beyond Words.

I'm taking a break from My Week in Gifs today.
Mainly because finding the perfect gifs is exhausting,
and my week wasn't very exciting.

But my weekend? My weekend is exciting.

Today marks my 500th post, and while I said I was going to vlog about it,
(I fuckin' will, alright? Calm down.)
I figured honoring 500 posts with a video seemed stupid.

I'd much rather write.

Which is why I started this blog in the first place -- to write.
To make people laugh, too, I guess. But mostly, to write.
I never, ever, expected I would make so many great friends.

And not just email or text buddies, but blogger friends turned IRL friends.

Today - after two years!!! in the making - I get to meet Tiff Gee.
Face to face - (probably) beer for beer - we get to hang out all weekend.

For those of you who blog, but have never met other bloggers IRL,
let me tell you a few things --

It's scary. It's exciting.
It's perfectly normal to want to stare at them for the first hour,
but try not to, because that's creepy.

It's nice to have someone to hide behind when the newbie arrives,
so you can jump out when you're ready, and be all,

(maybe I said that out loud, maybe I didn't) (I think I did)

But nothing can prepare you - nothing - for the feeling you get,
when you're in the same room with someone who you know so much about,
but have never sat next to before.

It's insane.

And sometimes, it's not what you think it's going to be.
But mostly, it's even better than you expected.

Wow, I was feeling *super* nostalgic when I started this post,
and now all I can think about is getting day drunk with Tiff Gee.

500 posts is crazy, right?
Let's forget that I have ~200 drafts.

Thanks for sticking around, kids.
I love you-ish, I guess.

And because what's a Friday post without at least one gif,
here's what I'll look like while I'm waiting for Tiff to arrive: