Good Stuff {April Edition}

1. Am I the last one to the Stacy's pita chip party? I might be.
But, just in case I'm not, here's your invitation...
Buy these in bulk, eat them in bed, thank me later.

2. Oops, I did it again.
And by it, I mean, wore Britney Spears perfume.
This is my signature summer scent. It's really expensive.
Eight(ish) whole dollars at Walmart. Splurge, kids. It's worth it.

3. Brookside's tagline should be: Brace Yo'self.
Enough said. Start with the poms.

4. I don't like to spend a lot of money on make up,
because odds are I'm going to get drunk and lose it.
Remember when that's what happened to my eyeliner?
Anyway, this BB Cream is light, which I like,
and also inexpensive, which I like even more.

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