I could talk TV for dayz.

1. Chelsea Handler is said to be leaving E! at the end of the year, and taking her show elsewhere. I could not be happier about this. I used to watch that show every night, but now, even she looks bored while she does it. I'm hoping her new show - whatever it is - is as good as Chelsea Lately used to be.

2. Who watches The Walking Dead? Let's all take a minute and acknowledge how devastatingly handsome Andrew Lincoln (who plays Rick) is. The man has not showered all season,  and I'd still su-- ya know what? Let's just leave it at that. I was disappointed that they didn't check in with Carol or Beth in the season finale. Where they hell are they? Anyway, here's to waiting until October to find out.

3. Speaking of season finales, I loved the season finale of Girls. There was something about Hannah standing in her kitchen, hugging that acceptance letter, that made me insanely happy for her. And Shosh spilling her heart out to Ray had me in tears. I don't think they should get back together, but that scene was powerful.

4. Season 3 of Veep starts on Sunday. Need I say more?

5. "Dong Draper, am I right, ladies?" - Kelsey about Jon Hamm. If you don't watch Mad Men, what the fuck are you doing with your life, then you should know his name on the show is Don Draper, and calling him Dong is as funny as it is accurate. I'm okay with this being the final season - it makes sense, it feels right, but the teasers are killing me. Do they all go to California? Does Sally start having sex? We'll find out soon.

6. Last week at dinner, my friend Bridget turned to me and said, "Do you watch Orange is the New Black? I feel like that's your kind of show." I snapped my head around and said, "My type of show? It's about lesbians...and prison!" We both started cracking up. What she meant is that the show is highly inappropriate, which is pretty much Webster's definition of me. Yes, I did watch the first season, and I plan on re-watching it before the second one "drops" on June 6th.

Do you watch any of these shows? Let's gab like gals about them, please.