Things I Learned While in Vermont.

1. The view from our hotel room was MUCH nicer than the people working at the hotel.
And the people working at every single restaurant/shop in Burlington.

2. On occasion, food that is terrible for you,
and a beer tasting, is the right answer.

3. When you leave home, you miss your friends so much,
you send them a picture filled with love (and middle fingers).

4. Sometimes cute guys with beards,
give eye heart emoji eyes to other dudes,
and your boner bridge falls down.

5. Bathroom walls are smarter than you think.

6. Unless you're a sociopath,
beers in bed, and white light for days,
should make you the happiest person on Earth.

7. It takes 3 girls approximately 15 minutes to destroy a hotel room.

8. I have no control when it comes to:
Cat pictures, owls, and/or Mumford & Sons.