Good Stuff {May Edition}

1. My iPhone 4S met its fate roughly two weeks before I was supposed to get the 5s. It fell in the toilet during THE PARTY I had back in December. Much like when I tripped and permanently messed up my left ankle, I wasn't even drunk when my phone fell in the toilet, which made having to fish it out that much worse.

So when I got the new phone, I swore I'd buy a waterproof case to protect it. Enter this. I've had half a beer spill on it, and more than half of an iced tea, and it's still perfectly fine. Sure, it's a little pricey, but I got it on sale for $60 and it was definitely worth it.

2. I spray painted curio cabinets about a month ago, and I've spent the last 30 days trying to think of other things I can attack. The other night, I looked at the vanity in my bathroom (which is only two years old and in good condition) and I thought, "I could spray paint that thing." It's a disease. "I should, but I didn't." - me, about that vanity.

But, if you are looking to spray paint something (especially wood) (lolz) I would highly recommend Valspar spray paint. It's primer and paint in one, and at $7 a piece at Lowes, it's a pretty good deal.

3. Part of the reason why I didn't paint the wall behind my computer desk with chalkboard paint was because I was nervous about chalk dust. I have 3 cats and dark hardwood floors, so I have to clean up enough shit, and I didn't want to add chalk dust to the mix. Had I known chalk markers existed, I would've painted the wall with chalkboard paint, because I love the way these write, and no dust! I got 'em at Walmart.

If you've ever been to a restaurant that has the menu written on a chalkboard, this is what they used to write it. Or, so I say, because who the hell knows. "What kind of chalk did they use, really?" - me, at Panera.

Ahhh, I don't know.