Oh, hello.

You know when you first meet someone who makes you nervous, and you can't look them in the eye? That's how I feel right now. I'm typing with my head to the keyboard, because damnit, this feels a little weird. Yesterday Kelsey sent me an email, asking me if I was alive. Not too long after that, my friend Sam sent me a text saying she knew nothing about my life lately, and that's when I knew I took "flying under the radar" a little too far.

My last post was not meant to be dramatic. Rest assured, I was/am fine, and grateful that some of you took the time to check in with me. Also, thank you to anyone who fielded my, "I AM SHEDDING LAYERS AND BECOMING MORE OF A HUMAN BEING" emails last week. I'm allowed to be a *little* dramatic every once in a while, right? Say yes or I'll cut you.

Moving on.
No more typing like this.
Well, not all of the time, at least.

Bocce started this week, so that means it's officially summer in my world. I know it's a strange hobby to have, but it's fun. And let's be honest, the $2 drinks don't hurt, either. It's also the only place I can yell, "NICE BALL!" or "THAT BALL LOOKS GREAT!" and not have anyone tell me to shut up. It's a win/win, my friends.

I've been writing down some ideas for a blog series that hopefully y'all will like. Still in the planning stage, but I'm excited about it. And I'm looking forward to writing about topics that I don't normally discuss here. DON'T WORRY - I don't mean weddings and/or babies. I might have had a moment of weakness that lasted for 9 days, but I haven't completely lost it.

Hmm, what else...what else...

Oh, the quote wall. Well, I'm facing it right now, and I'm trying not to tear apart. It's coming together...slowly. I can't decide how I want it to look, and I've also discovered that washi tape is fucking useless. So, all of the Instagram photos I've hung have fallen down. I need some power tools, because I'd also like to hang a hammock chair in my living room. But, I'm getting ahead of myself...

Finally, a little word of advice - never buy your cats a ball of catnip. It was the dumbest impulsive purchase I've ever made, and is SO LOUD on my hardwood floors. Damn you, Target. Damn you.

Enough about me...how are you?