I'm impulsive.

And when I hang out with other impulsive people (ahem, Kelsey), sometimes things get a little out of hand. Not in a let's get some drugs kind of way. No, typically it's: Let's go to Target and buy a basket full of food and then binge watch an entire season of Breaking Bad in one sitting kind of way.

Other times it's: Let's follow The Avett Brothers around the Midwest/Northeast for a week.

And that's exactly what we're planning on doing the first week in August.

It looks like this:

We leave here Friday morning, and drive all day until we get to Michelle in Columbus. Saturday night we head to Kettering (about an hour away) for the first show.

Sunday night we plan on live streaming Lollapalooza because I had to stop somewhere, and this was the show that was just too much.  Not too much money, just too much added stress because big festivals aren't my favorite.

Monday is a day of rest (for us, and okay, the band, too).

Tuesday we head up to Toledo to see them that night, and I may or may not wear a giraffe onesie because the show is at a zoo. Wednesday we head back home, where we'll have enough time to do laundry and sleep a little bit.

Thursday we take off for Bethlehem, PA, (with Kate!) for the 3rd show of the week. We're staying there that night, and leaving the next morning to go to CT for show number 4 on Friday.

Saturday morning we take off for Burlington, for fifth and final show. I don't want to think about that now.

It's crazy. Actually, the majority of my emails to Kelsey last week were along the lines of: "But, like, how crazy would it be if we got tickets to more shows?"

It is a total of 2,135 miles and over 33 hours of driving time. And as excited as I am to see the boys that many times in the span of a week, I'm even more excited about spending time with Michelle and Kate...oh, and Kelsey, too, I guess. I'm kidding! I just see her more than anybody else.

So, who wants to do a guest post for me? I'll need 5 total (don't all jump at once!) for Monday, August 4th through Friday, August 8th. Just let me know if you're interested!