Conversations with Linda

Linda: All of my friends are getting a second grandchild, so someone needs to give me one.
Me: Not me.
My 2 year old nephew: Not me!

(She says "getting a second grandchild" like it's a puppy, or a new car)

Linda: So, there's a new intern at work, and apparently he's very nice.
Linda: He's in his late twenties, and he's in law school, and Sherri said he's very handsome.
Linda: And I was going to put a picture of you on my desk, but turns out he's married...with kids.

(I felt no need to contribute to this conversation)

All via text--

Saturday afternoon: Just made the first macaroni salad of the season!

Sunday night: If you want any mac salad, you're welcome to grab some.

Monday night: Don't forget to grab some macaroni salad.

Tuesday morning, in person--

Linda: Are you going to take some mac salad for lunch?
Me: Yeah, I'll take some.
Linda: Okay, because not to brag, but it's probably the best one I've ever made.

Part one here.