My Soundtrack

{I found this on tumblr and couldn't resist}

1. The "I'm bored at work" song: Acapella // Karmin

2. The "I'm waiting for someone to text back" song: Here's to the Meantime // Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

3. The song that reminds me of college: Beast of Burden // The Rolling Stones

4. The "looking thoughtfully out a window" song: The Cave // Mumford and Sons

5. The "super hot sex" song:
Fuck Her Gently // Tenacious D

6. The "I hate everything" song:
All Too Well // Taylor Swift

7. The song that never fails to cheer me up:
Dog Days Are Over // Florence + The Machine

8. The "getting ready to go to a potentially cool ass party" song:
Last Friday Night (remix) // Katy Perry f. Missy Elliot

9. The "getting ready to go to a potentially lame ass party" song:
Am I the Only One // Dierks Bentley

10. The "painful break up" song:
Almost Lover // A Fine Frenzy

11. The "psych yourself up" song:
Lose Yourself // Eminem

12. The song that makes me miss you* (*pizza):
A Message // Coldplay

13. The song that feels like it was written about me: Open Ended Life // The Avett Brothers