The verdict is in: I am a human being, capable of feelings and all that garbage, after all.

I kept my shit together throughout most of the movie - even through that terrible "I light up like a Christmas tree" line that did me in while reading the book. I knew it was coming, so I was somewhat prepared.

But somewhere between Hazel's eulogy and realizing that the actor who plays Augustus Waters reminds me of (and looks like) a guy I know knew, I shed a few tears. WHAT. I'm not a monster. Okay, so maybe I am. Sometimes.

I think that the movie did the book justice.

Leaving the theater after seeing that movie is like leaving after a one night stand: you keep your head down, you avert your eyes, and you pray that you can make it out of there before the lights turn on.

Kelsey and I nursed our wounds with a milkshake from Stewart's and a car ride home listening to The Avett Brothers.

Did you see the movie? Tell me your thoughts!