5(ish) things.

1. My throat hurts. I can't stop coughing. Who gets sick in July? And I don't mean my allergies are bothering me, I mean some disgusting peasant got me sick.

2a. Have you ever wondered how long it would take to binge watch a show? Look no further. Unless, of course, the show you want to watch is not listed on there. Then I can't help you. Bye.

2b. I'm roughly 16 hours into Parks and Rec, and I have come to one conclusion: I am April Ludgate.

3. Here's a concert update: 2 days until Katy Perry, 6 days until Justin Timberlake, 22 days until Avettcation starts. I start STRESS SWEATING when I think about having to pack for that trip.

4. I bought a pair of red Chucks for under $40 last night, because it was Wednesday night, baby (and I'm alive) (name that quote) (not you, Kelsey). Anyway, excuse me while I wear them everyday.

5. Someone from high school posted a photo of me (and a few others) from kindergarten on Instagram and Facebook today, and used the hashtag #10reunion. Then the president of my graduating class commented and said, "We should probably plan something!" I have all I can do not to respond with, "Don't bother."