5ish things.

1. I've been huffing nasal spray for the past week, and let me tell you, it's working. I still have sinus pressure (that's just my life until I get a nose job) (no, really) but I am breathing easier and not coughing as much. So, Flonase for the win.

2a. Last weekend, Kelsey and I spent 4 hours driving around, trying to find Coke bottles with specific names on them. We went to 22 places. We were looking for the names of The Avett Brothers band members (long live having limited interests). We found 4 out of 6, along with bottles that have our names on them. Well, mine is spelled with a 'y', but I'm more than used to that bullshit by this point in my life. We're still missing Seth and Bobby. YES, Bobby. But don't worry, if you're looking for Juan or Angel, I've seen a few of them.

2b. Taking limited interests to a whole new level, Kelsey had the idea of creating Flat Stanley versions of the band's drummer (Mike Marsh) and keyboard player (Paul Defiglia). So, that's what we did. We also created Twitter and Instagram accounts, and were followed by the real Mike and Paul within a few days of posting. BASICALLY, WE'RE FAMOUS. Not really, but we're hoping to meet up with the guys so they can take a picture with their flats. The handle is @flatmikeandpaul if you want to follow along.

3. I really need to pack for this trip. ~~curls up into a ball~~

4. Two nights ago I had a gin and tonic, and a handful of cheese balls, for dinner. I'M AN ADULT, I swear. I tried to get people to bring me dinner, but it didn't work. So, in the words of Kelsey: "I made the best of it."

5. So, I was offered a new job, and I accepted it. I don't talk about work very much on here (unless I'm bitching, amiright?) but I'm excited about this. It's a marketing position for a larger organization in the area. It's also just a little bit closer to my house, which is always nice. We shall see!