Aw, honey, you baked.

I told Kerri mutliple times while she was here: "You're definitely visiting during the best time of year." Don't get me wrong, fall is still my favorite season, but the beginning of summer in New York can be perfect, as long as the weather cooperates...and it certainly did. Trust me, I would have felt horrible if she left Florida, and it rained the entire time she was here. I think I said that ~100 times, too.

We went to Lake George, and Saratoga, and to a house warming party for two of my friends. We ate lots of good food, drank just enough (okay, maybe a little more than that), and even made time to bond over some crappy reality TV.

She did a great job recapping the trip (here and here), so make sure you check those posts out, too.

Here's to the next Florida...with Harry Potter...and the beach...and ahhh, brb, packing my bags.