Banter with Friends // V. 2

This is the picture:

I ...can't. I just lose control every time I look at it. Also, you'll notice Tiff was included in the group text, but was away from her phone while this conversation happened. She came back to 41 messages.

re: Kelsey spitting her gum out, here's the back story: When we got to Michelle's place last November, it was the first time we were meeting her in person, after talking to her for almost two years via the blog, emails, texts, etc. To say we were all beyond excited is an understatement. Kelsey took it to the next level by literally shooting her gum out of her mouth, onto Michelle's living room floor. It will never not be the funniest thing that could have happened to break the ice and make us all comfortable, and slightly grossed out.

#SADD does not stand for "Students Against Drunk Driving." Well, it typically does, but not in this case.

In this case it means, "Suck a dick, Diane." Do yourself a favor, and don't ask.

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