It's Wednesday night, baby...

For the past few weeks, Wednesday nights have been good to me. It's typically my night off from spin, and as much as I wouldn't mind spending my time home, sans underwear and shame, I'm glad that I've opted to go out and do things instead.

Last night, myself, Kelsey, and our friend, Morgan, went to dinner and movie. We ate at Spot Coffee, which we refer to as "The Spot" because we're fucking cool. It's my favorite place to go in Saratoga, so please, don't go there and ruin it for me, okay? Just don't. Unless I'm with you, of course. Other than that, it is my favorite place to troll alone, and if I saw anyone I knew there, I'd be forced to light the place on fire.

I'll stop there.

After dinner, we went to see Begin Again, which I had never heard of, but Googled yesterday afternoon and decided it looked good. And it was. A little strange, but good. And maybe I spent 90 minutes thinking about what it would be like to run my fingers through Mark Ruffalo's hair, or maybe I didn't. But I did, so.

Two things happened at the theater that made me the happiest person alive:

1. I was ID'd. Yes, at almost 28 years of age, I was asked for my ID in order to purchase a ticket for an R-rated movie. "You look 22." - a lot of people, to me. But under the age of 17? That's comical. However, I immediately turned in a 50-year-old woman, who was just asked to show ID to purchase alcohol. "Of course you can see my ID, honey!" Then the cashier took one look at my 1980's birthday and was all, "Oh, Jesus, you're fine." whatadick.

2. I went over to the concession stand to buy a foundation drink (because foundation drinks 4 lyfe) and the girl working there asked if I wanted to upgrade the size for an extra blah blah blah insert numbers here. I wasn't really paying attention, because I was trying to think of a clever tweet re: being ID'd (spoiler alert: I never did think of that tweet).

Next thing I knew, she took out a Transformers cup the side of my head and said I got to keep it (yay!) and I immediately turned to Kelsey and said, "That'd made a great cup speaker!" because we're poor resourceful and have been known to sit on my deck, with our cell phones in cups, listening to music. Anyway, the girl then said to me, "You don't have a preference to whether you have a Bumblebee topper or a Megatron one, do you?"

Uh, do I.

I quickly responded with, "Bumblebee, please. Megatron can suck a D." Or, maybe it was more along the lines of, "Bumblebee! YAASSSS, I LOVE BUMBLEBEE!" Who's to say, really. All I know is that I'm now the proud owner of a huge Transformers cup, that has a Bumblebee topper, which is also a keychain.

Not bad for a Wednesday night, don't you agree?