Then and Now

Kelsey left a snarky comment on this post yesterday. It's the second post I ever did, and I all but forgot about it. I decided to take those 25 random things that I wrote down in the late summer of 2011 and see if they are still true for the 2014 version of myself. Here we go.

1. I love anything sour. Especially lemons. 
STILL TRUE. I might have a bag of sour gummy worms in my purse. That bag might be empty.

2. I have a slight obsession with hotel phones.
Totally true. When we were in Atlantic City last month, I mentioned how much I love when other people I know are staying at the hotel, so I can call them on the hotel phone.

3. I hate voicemails.
True. They are the devil's work.

4. I have a very facetious personality.
I don't know...maybe.

5. I need a logical explanation for everything.
Who doesn't, Alissa? I hate myself for that one.

6. According to my birth date, I'm a Libra. But, I feel more like a Virgo, so I converted.
Well, I converted back, because I'm most certainly a Libra.

7. In high school I wanted to move to NYC, in college I wanted to move to Cali, now I want to move to North Carolina or South Carolina, or Georgia or Tennessee.
Let me level with you: I've never been to Tennessee. The only time I've spent in Georgia was roughly 3 hours in the Atlanta airport when I was 14. I have zero desire to live in either of those places, but I would gladly visit both. I have no idea what the hell I was talking about...but NYC or Cali? Sign me up.

8. Obviously, I'm indecisive.

9. I like giving nicknames to people.
Yes, I do. If you don't know yours, there is a reason.

10. I'm a book worm.
Uhh, yes.

11. I have a Twitter account, but don't tweet.
Lies. As I type this, I'm at 8,086 tweets.

12. I'm a certified news junkie.
Certified? Doubt that. But a news junkie, nonetheless.

13. I drink more water in one day than most people do in a week. I'm a fish.

14. Ew. I hate fish.
Also, yes. Dead or alive. Raw or cooked. Disgusting.

15. The two countries I've been to are Mexico and Canada, and I need to get out of North America pretty soon.
Yes, let's add international travel to the bucket list, shall we? Australia, preferably.

16. Ignoring people is my favorite pastime.
Pastime? It's my favorite thing to do on a daily basis.

17. I need a significant amount of alone time.

18. I fully admit that I love reality television.
Not so much anymore. I've moved on to NBC comedies and pretty much anything on HBO/AMC.

19. I hear, "You're an asshole!" A LOT.
Uh, yup.

20. Draft beer is great.
It really is.

21. I'm going to be an aunt for the first time soon.
My nephew will be 3 in October and I cried the other day when I realized that.

21 (again). Fall is my favorite time of year and Halloween is my favorite holiday.
Yes, I still love fall and Halloween. Maybe too much.

22. I love country music.

23. I also love Mumford & Sons and Adele.

24. Football is my favorite sport to watch.
Yes. Dem asses in tight pants, doe.

25. I will be 25 soon and I offically feel old.
I will be 28 soon and I officially feel untouchable.

I'm dying over the fact that I messed up and had two 21s. Numbers...pullin' tricksies on me since 1986.