5 or so things.

1. I think these will be a weekly Tuesday thing from now on, okay? Okay. I struggle with the concept of having set themes for each day. Sometimes I think that will help me stay organized and on top of posts, and other times I'm worried I'll fall short because I'll be too stressed over THE THEME, or, shit like that. I don't know - for now expect this type of post on Tuesdays, and "My Week In..." on Fridays. And a hot mess in between. g'bye.

2a. I saw "If I Stay" over the weekend, and let me tell you -- this girl loves a movie about a teenager who is dying. The Fault in Our Stars? Check. No, seriously, it comes out on DVD September 16th so, CHECK YA L8TER, cause I'll be busy watching that on repeat and sobbing into every pillow I own.

2b. I've also been re-watching old episodes of Grey's Anatomy (seasons 1-4, ONLY) (anything else is not worth my time) and damn, Patrick Dempsey, amiright?. He can get it.

3. I'm going to be 28 exactly one month from today. I feel 28. I'm okay with it. It feels better than 22, or 25, and definitely better than 26. We'll see.

4. The vending machines in my office accept debt/credit cards. One has Monsters. One has PopTarts. I'm impulsive - have I mentioned that before? So, I'm not sure if I should be happy, or seriously worried. I will report back.

5. I was interviewed by Feather Magazine. Check it out here.