5ish Things

1. I'm baaaaaaaaack.

2a. I'm not ready to talk about my vacation yet. Just know that it was awesome, and I met some amazing people (band members and otherwise), and that I have roughly 1,000 new photos on my phone, but I'm just. not. ready. to talk about it yet. I will, though. Until then, drool over this:

Dat ass, doe.

2b. During Avettcation, I decided to buy Apple TV, because being in a hotel room in Toledo made me feel impulsive and, well, I had to. It was the last step I needed to take before I got rid of digital cable all together. So, as of this Friday, I'm cutting the cord with TWC. Sorry for all of you who watch HBO Go on my dime. It's been fun, but your free ride is over.

3. These ALS ice bucket challenges...they make me feel all sorts of second hand embarrassment, and I can't handle it. I can only hope that these assholes are not only dumping buckets of ice over their heads, but they are also donating. If not, PLEASE STOP, AND JUST GIVE THOSE PEOPLE YOUR MONEY.

4. Mark my words: I will have my house decked out in fall decor as of September 1. Bring on my favorite time of year.

5. Do y'all watch The Leftovers? I'm into it. And by it, I don't mean Justin Theroux's ass (although, shiiiit, I'm into that, too). At first I didn't know what the fuck was going on, and to be honest, I still don't. But I'm committed to finding out what happens. Let's discuss.