5ish things.


Have I used that one before? I can't remember.

2. I've been here for three years. Here meaning this blog. And that in and of itself is something I feel so proud of. I give up, or don't bother with, or walk away from almost everything and everyone in my life. But I haven't given up on this, and that says something. And that something is something I will write about in another post. It deserves more than a bullet in this one.

3. Just listen to this and know that I love these men more than anything:

3b. I'll write about the rest of my trip. I will!

3c. I've always said that I need something to look forward to; a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Having tickets to see the bros is that something for me lately. And so, Kelsey and I will be traveling to North Carolina to see them perform on New Years Eve. Pretty exciting, no?

4. I started my new job. I'm going to be incredibly busy, but I think it'll be a good thing.

5. I'm ready for fall. For cool nights, and sweaters, and boots. For pumpkins (I almost bought one last weekend, but controlled myself). For AMC's Fright Fest, and Halloween costume prep. For reading Harry Potter, and getting friends into the books, too. But most of all, I'm ready for the time of year that I am the happiest.