5 or so things...

1. Remember when I said I'm not allowed to bring a couch home from Ikea? Well, I'm still not. Instead, I'm looking to have this baby reupholstered. It belonged to my great-grandparents, and has been in the basement ever since I moved into my house. LISTEN, I know she's not the prettiest girl at the dance, but cue the music, because this is about to turn into a makeover montage that rivals Tye's in Clueless.

2a. I think all of you should come visit me. I'll take you to my favorite place to eat in Saratoga, and then we can go to this really fancy movie theater down the street. They serve gelato. And beer. But I get a soda because I'm typically hungover. Next time! *Mike Birbiglia voice*

2b. But, if you can't come visit, or you don't want to (no judgement) (maybe a little), then at least go see This is Where I Leave You on your own time. Two hours worth of a bearded Jason Bateman, and you'll need a napkin to clean up your seat. Uh, what?

3. Tiff sent me this link the other night, and I jumped up and down in my seat and yelled, "YASS!" the entire time I read it. Kelsey sent me this link and I had to stop the video every 15 seconds to catch my breath and text her a quote from it. At one point, I stopped it entirely and ran to the bathroom to pee. I didn't think I was going to make it.

4. I painted my nails gold last weekend, and I've felt so fucking sassy ever since.

5. What is your go to soup recipe? I need some new ones. Please and thank you.