5ish things.

1. Yeah, I'm buying PopTarts from the vending machine at work from time to time. What of it?

2. I've been working on a secret project in the past week or so. Actually, to be honest, I've been working on it for about 2 years, but now I'm actually doing something about it. I'll announce it here once it's ready. Try not to lose sleep over it until then.

3. I still have two Avettcation videos left to edit, and I'll admit that I pumped the breaks on them because I don't want it to be over with. Like, I know it's over with, but the videos make it official.

4a. I cannot stop watching Mike Birbiglia's stand up special My Girlfriend's Boyfriend. It's officially become a problem, because if I'm not watching it, I'm quoting it, if I'm not quoting it, I'm thinking about it during meetings and trying not to laugh. Please, do yourself a favor and watch it. It's on Netflix.

4b. His rants on marriage are everything.

5. Remember when I said these posts were going to be on Tuesdays?  Listen, I'll be back to regularly scheduled programming next week, I promise. Maybe. We'll see. No, really.