Alissa Lately.

{written on Sunday, as always}

reading // The second Harry Potter. I read all of the books while I was in high school/college when they first came out, but I've never gone back to reread them.

writing // In a new journal.

listening // I've had Langhorne Slim & The Law's The Way We Move album on repeat for more or less 3 weeks now. Do yourself a favor and listen to it. Start with this song.

thinking // How there's always something that goes wrong, you know? As I type this, my car is quite literally trapped in my garage, because the spring broke on my garage door and it won't go up. My car is stuck inside until someone comes to fix it -- hopefully today.

smelling // The soup I just made. Football Sundays are back (preacher hands emoji).

wishing // I could go apple picking. I have to wait a couple more weeks before the trees will be ready. I haven't properly gone apple picking in a few years, and that's just criminal.

hoping // For nice weather this weekend. I have exciting plans for Saturday night, and it cannot be raining.

wearing // Black jeggings (4 lyfe) and a black t-shirt. Basically my uniform.

loving // That it's officially tall boot weather.

wanting // A leather jacket. HEY. WHITNEY. Let me borrow yours? Thanks.

needing // A haircut. And some highlights. Next week, thank you baby Jesus.

feeling // Strangely optimistic. About what, I don't even know.

clicking // Through Pinterest. I've been neglecting it lately.