Alissa Lately

reading //  I just finished Wild. Have you read it? I think the entire Internet has read it/is reading it. I enjoyed it, and I'm excited for the movie. I also really liked Tiny Beautiful Things (by the same author, Cheryl Strayed). I recommend reading that if you haven't already.

sitting // In a lime green chair, with my shoes off, and my feet propped up on a garbage can. It's the definition of classy.

eating // Nothing so far today. I skip breakfast, always. It's a terrible habit of mine. Then I eat around 10am, if I remember to. Today, I forgot.

beginning // To plan something so incredibly exciting. Mum is the fucking word until details are confirmed. I'll share what I can, when I can.

missing // My bed. It's another grey day, and I would be happier if I could spend it in my comfy bed, watching Parks and Rec on Netflix.

wishing // That this weekend would hurry up and get here. Ikea and Birbigs on Saturday! Stay tuned for vlogs on vlogs on vlogs.

loving // The new conditioner I bought last night. Actually, I've used it before, but not in a while. Try this out if you dye your hair all the time like I do.

drinking // Just finished coffee, now it's time for water.

listening to // Lisa Loeb. Remember her? I downloaded a bunch of her songs around 2am a couple weeks ago. Apparently that's what I like to do when I can't sleep. Ugh, brb while I drive around and belt this song at the top of my lungs. I'll pick you up and you can join me, if you'd like.

thinking about // 8,000 different things. Mostly work related, but I'm also thinking about food. What? I didn't eat breakfast, remember?

{Stolen from Steph}