Some housekeeping...

I feel like I haven't been here to write, write in a very long time. My apologizes for that.

Work has been hectic, and my personal life has been jam-packed with excursions (which I'll never complain about), but hell if I'm not exhausted most of the time. I had to force myself not to get into bed at 8:15 the other night (so I opted to fall asleep on the couch for about an hour instead) (then I got into bed).

The end is in sight, though, which is why I'm here to tell you that I'll be taking next week off - from blogging, vlogging, reading your blogs (probably) (maybe not), and commenting. The reason being is because I'm traveling to NYC for work - leaving tomorrow, and I won't be back until Tuesday night. And prepping for this trips has been crazy, so I couldn't bring myself to schedule any posts ahead of time.

Speaking of vlogging - yay or nay? Should I keep posting them here, or no? I'm going to continue to make them (every Tuesday seems to be working) but if there's not an interest for them here, I won't post them. Give me your feedback!

Oh, and re: the car accident that I "vaguely wrote about" (-Kelsey) yesterday: I'm fine. I was hit on my way to work Monday morning. The back bumper on my car is banged up, and something is going on with the exhaust, but I'm okay. More annoyed than anything else.

So, I think that's it. You can still find me on Twitter, and maybe Instagram, but see you back here in a week? Sound good? Great. Break!