Things I'd do differently...

I watched About Time last weekend (and the answer is yes: I did lose my shit at the end and questioned why I set myself up for all of those tears, I knew it was a sad movie!) and it got me thinking about times I wish I could go back and change. Different moves that I would make. Not always huge, life-changing ones, sometimes just a matter of speaking up when I didn't.

Actions, or sometimes inactions, that have changed the course of my life, in a way. Or, maybe not at all. I guess I'll never really know. But here's a short list (because the full list is too long) (maybe this can be a part one, of many) of things that make me wish I could close my eyes, clinch my fists, and travel back in time. Things that my future self wants to smack my past self for doing...or, you know, not doing.

1. When you go to a college open house, and learn that the major you think you wanted to study, really wasn't what you thought it was - ask questions. Find out how to pursue what interests you, and chase that. Don't fall back on something that you know will make your parents happy, because it will never make you happy.

2. When someone isn't your "cup of tea" -- tell them. They have a right to know. It won't be easy, and it sure as hell won't make you feel good, but it's the right thing to do. And know that the longer you wait to speak up, the harder it gets. And also know that saying it now doesn't count for much.

3. When a guy sends you a text message that obviously should have been sent to another girl, call him out on it. You like to play the part of the cool, detached girl, but you're only hurting yourself when you do. Don't let him off the hook so easily. In fact, turn around, drive back to his house, and ask him to explain himself, to your face. And once you've heard him out, turn on your heels and run. He's not good for you.

4. Don't let other people make you feel bad about your choices. You shouldn't have to explain yourself over and over to someone, especially a friend. Apologize when you should, forgive when it's right, but remember that some people are best kept at a safe distance.

5. Stop dying your hair brown. You're suppose to be blonde. Accept it and move on.

What's something that you would do differently if you could?