Alissa Lately

{written on Sunday}
making // Messes in my kitchen, that eventually lead to a clean fridge, clean cabinets, and homemade mac & cheese.

drinking // Flavored water, wishing it was hot chocolate.

reading // I finished Amy Poehler's book (did you read it? what did you think of it? I didn't love it) and of course, I'm still reading Harry Potter. Remember when I said I'd get through all of the books before Thanksgiving? Well...

wanting // Hot chocolate, someone to clean my house for me, and leopard print flats.

watching // Some of my favorite Sex & the City episodes, but really I'm just wasting time until The Newsroom series premiere tonight. Do you watch that show? Let's discuss.

listening // To this song on repeat. 50 days until New Year's Eve in Raleigh. *preacher hands emoji*

eating // Nothing at the moment, but I'm thinking about getting my hands on some ice cream.

enjoying // Spontaneous road trips, meeting new people, hard ciders of all makes and models.

loving // See above.

feeling // Nostalgic for summer. I used to go to Kelsey's house for "porch hangs" and we'd eat ice cream, and talk about THE TRIP (the one where we drove 2200 miles in one week) and what we were doing to prepare for it. Can't every day be spent like that?

laughing // At people who have nothing better to do than rip apart this silly little blog, and what I like to talk about. Or hint at. Really? Please, stop reading. Stop taking what I say and mocking it. Your kind is not welcome here.

noticing // That I've been seriously lacking on My Week in Gifs posts. I tried to do one last week, but when you're work week isn't that exciting, you don't exactly feel inspired. Maybe this week? Probably not.

bookmarking // Or should I say unbookmarking (is that a word? roll with it) this page because I finally ordered the print. Kelsey and Tiff thoughtfully got me a print of what looks like my cat Tino, dressed up in a suit (now lovingly known as "Business Tino"). I didn't want Nico to be left out, so I ordered one that fit his personality. Pictures to come when they are finally hung on my wall. So give or take two years.