Alissa Lately

I spy...

drinking // hot chocolate. I have a sore throat, and I don't like tea, so hot chocolate is the next best thing, or something like that.

watching // I just finished Parks and Rec, so I'm officially ready for the last season to start in January. But having to wait a week (or more) between new episodes is criminal. How do you people do it?

wishing // I remembered to get some of my more recent pictures printed today. I woke up early, planned on sending pictures to Walgreens, and grab them after I was done at the market. Instead, I fell back asleep until 3:45 and didn't get to the store until almost 6. Whatever! I'm sick. I needed to rest (or something like that).

listening // to this song. If it doesn't end up on their new album, I'll be tres depressed.

wanting // a manicure. When I paint my nails, it looks like a child did it. It'd be nice to have them done professionally for a change. Hmm, maybe I'll do that.

hoping // I don't royally screw up the food I'm supposed to be making next weekend for "Friendsgiving." I will have frozen pizzas on stand by.

reading // Uhh, Harry Potter. I don't know why I continue to answer this, because I always say the same thing. But, after I finish book 5, I'm going to take (another) break and read Lena Dunham's book. Anyone read that yet? SN: I saw a preview for season 4 of Girls the other day and thoroughly lost my shit.

eating // maybe cookies, maybe not. Who's to say, really? I mean, aside from the 3 people I sent pictures of cookies to.

feeling // all sorts of sentimental and emotional and see also: those cookies I bought - it's period week, folks!