Ask & Tell

{answering these questions}

1. Who would want your celebrity parents be? (note: they don't have to already be a couple)

Tom Hanks and Jennifer Garner. Because doesn't Jennifer seem, like, such a mom? If you Google pictures of her, you'll see that she's constantly with her children - taking them to dance lessons or to the library - and I melt. She reminds me of my own mother, and that's why I like her so much. My reasoning behind Tom Hanks should be a given.

2. Growing up, did you wish you had a different name? If so, what did you want your name to be? Would you still change it?

I wanted my name to be Jenn. Yes, Jenn with a double N. Because I thought the double N made it classy and original. But I've accepted that I'll never find my name on one of those key chains you see in every tourist shop, in every city (something that seriously upset me as a child) (and something that I still look for, because old habits die hard), and have grown to appreciate my name. Even though it's frequently spelled wrong, and pronounced incorrectly more often than you'd think, it's mine, and it's just different enough.

More recently I've grown to attached to my full name, instead of any nicknames that I've been given over the years. "Liss" (yes, DOUBLE S) has been used by people closest to me (friends, family) for as long as I can remember. It feels cheapened now, by people who should not have been using it in the first place.

So, call me Alissa. Unless your name is Tiff, in which case, you can always call me Lissa. But, please, do not ever refer to me as "A'liss" because I'll punch you in the stomach. Try me.

3. How do you take your coffee? Tea?

Coffee a variety of ways: cream and sugar, just cream, just sugar. It depends on where I get it from. Tea: iced, always. Mixed with lemonade, sometimes (lookin' at you, Arnold Palmer).

Three new questions for you!

1.  What is your worst habit?
2.  What is your favorite meal?
3. Who have you been told (or who do you think) is your doppelganger?