Alissa Lately

[written on Sunday]

drinking // water. I don't drink enough when I'm home (I'm all for refilling my water bottle 25 times a day at work because it's a good excuse to walk around), so I've been parched since I've been here the past four days. Or, maybe I'm dehydrated because I acted like a 21 year old this weekend? The world may never know.

watching // If I Stay. I saw it in theaters, but just watched it again and cried into my soup the entire time.

wishing // I could close my eyes, click my heels, spin in a circle, throw around some jazz hands, and have my house magically be clean. I have to really clean over the course of the next few weeks, because I have house guests coming towards the end of the month, and I could throw up thinking about it. Again, that could be because I acted like a crazy college kid this weekend. THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW.

listening // to this. If ya'll don't know what the Cardinal Sessions are, educate yourselves!

wanting // for the holidays to be over with. YEAH, I SAID IT. Well, at least Christmas, because I have plans for New Years and I'm getting hecka impatient!

hoping // I remember to go to my hair appointment tomorrow night (read: tonight). I completely mixed up the days last week, and didn't go to my appointment. I'm losing it. So, I can't forget a second time, because my roots are horrible.

reading // uhhh, Harry Potter (#6!). He gets to be such a sass mouth, don't you agree?

eating // I'm about to get my hands on a cookie or two. It's the only way I can watch The Newsroom and not cry thinking about how it's going to be over so soon.

feeling // freezing! I can't win with the heat in my house - I'm either cold AF or hot AF. I can't win.