Alissa Lately

{written on Sunday}

watching // just finished last week's episode of Nashville, waiting for The Newsroom to come on, and I just remembered that The Walking Dead won't be on again until February. I'm devastated.

drinking // been thinking about hot chocolate for a good 2.5 hours now. I suppose I'll make some.

wishing // this week goes by smoothly and quickly. Only 12 more work days (for me) this year!

listening // to Hanson's Christmas album...on Youtube...because my CD is officially too scratched to play. I remember buying it the day it came out in 1997, and listening to it on the CD player in my bedroom while I decorated my mini-Christmas tree. It had a good run, and I'll keep it for posterity.

wanting // a nose ring, and the balls to wear red lipstick.

hoping // it doesn't snow on Saturday, because I have unexpected travel plans.

reading // hopefully this will be the last week I say Harry Potter. I'm about halfway through the last book, and plan on finishing it this week. Then it's time to read Lena Dunham's book, because, yea.

eating // I made stuffed shells for dinner. Make them! So easy, so good.

feeling // the tiniest bit excited for Christmas (finally!).  My house is as decorated as it's going to get. Well, at least until I make some bad decisions in Target during my lunch breaks this week. And in case you were wondering, the only tree I'll have this year, is the one pictured above. I couldn't love it more.