Stream of Consciousness

Remember back a few weeks ago, when I stood on my soap box, and preached about the blasphemy is The Newsroom being canceled after 3 seasons, despite Big Brother still chugging along? Insert foot in mouth, but this girl cannot get enough of Vanderpump Rules. Trust me, I know. Everyone on that show is dumb, and I'm not just saying that because I think most people are stupid. These people prove every episode that they are idiots, yet I can't stop watching. This show is the reason why I can't quit Bravo completely, and I hate myself for it.

If you were to ask to me two weeks ago what kind of tree I was going to have this year, I would've said real. Now I'm thinking more along the lines of invisible. I have zero Christmas spirit. Actually, I have zero spirit in general, if we're being honest. I'm going to have a lot of people in my house in a few weeks, I know I should decorate, but I have no motivation. Someone please help. I spent a lot of money on Christmas decorations at Target last year, and it would be a shame if they didn't make it out of my basement.

There's something about going to the movies lately that I can't get enough of. The people who work at the theater I go to are so incredibly nice, which is why I can never say no when they up sell me on things like soda and popcorn (no, really, I wish I took a picture of the giant popcorn I was swindled into buying last weekend). Do I want to donate a dollar for charity when I buy my ticket AND when I buy my snacks? Sure. I can't help myself.

Between schmoozing with the counter staff (whose average age is probably 16.5, if that) and being slightly condescending, yet still charming (much like a sour patch kid - first sour, then sweet) to the ticket takers, I think I've made some real friends there. Or I've at least found other people who share my belief that Sims 2 is better than Sims 3.

Speaking of meeting new people, I went out on a kinda-sorta date last week. It was more of a double blind date, set up by a friend of mine. I mean, it could've gone way worse. But as I sat at the bar, slowly sipping my beer because I can't let on how quickly I would normally drink it, I thought: I am the worst. I will be alone forever, and I probably won't hate it. I am so awkward. And I don't care.

Not awkward like I'll-spill-my-drink-on-your-lap-and-snort-laugh or anything. Okay, maybe snort laugh. More like I-won't-look-at-you-or-ask-you-questions-first kind of awkward. Getting to know someone is exhausting, and getting to know me is difficult. Can't we hide behind our computers and phones for two years, and then maybe I can pick you up from a sketchy bus station in Albany? It's worked in the past, at least with friends (looking at you, Tiff).

We'll see. Well, not with this guy, we won't. He was fine, but simple. See also: I think most people are stupid. See also, again: I will be alone forever, and I probably won't hate it.

But, really, The Newsroom? Canceled? Bullshit!