lately || mid-march edition

making // an honest attempt to clean my closets.

eating // gummy vitamins! and a banana.

drinking //
water, water, and water. and coffee.

reading //
the girls' guide to hunting and fishing

listening //
to brandi carlilie's new album the firewatcher's daughter on repeat

watching //
the jinx on hbo. please tell you've been watching it, too! let's discuss.

bookmarking //
lots of diy projects that i'll probably never d-i-myself.

wanting //
new jeans. why are they so difficult to find?

looking //
forward to this weekend! headed to philly with kelsey to see seth avett & jessica mayfield.

enjoying //
the warmer weather. 30 degrees might as well be 80 degrees, after the winter we had.

waiting //
for the sun to be up before i am again. daylight savings is a catch-22.

wondering //
if this day will drag - i hope not!

loving //
my freshly cut hair.

needing //
to buy nail polish remover! i keep forgetting.

wearing //
new flats from old navy that spruce up every outfit, i swear.

smelling //
my morning coffee.

noticing //
grass! what is that!

knowing //
things will all work out.

laughing //
at message from kelsey that said: are you drunk? because i made *so many* typos in a previous text.

daydreaming //
about being able to go for walks after work. soon, i hope!

feeling //
pretty damn good.