Things I’ve Recently Learned

Painting your nails while watching old Jake Gyllenhaal interviews on YouTube can be surprisingly enjoyable.

Facebook stalking – to an extent – is okay. Learning that someone has a girlfriend based on his profile, rather than when you finally work up enough courage to give him your number, is a good thing. 

And it means you can continue to go to that restaurant you like so much.

It’s perfectly acceptable to wake up at 8am and take a nap at 10am.

Sometimes you have to wash one shirt by itself because you don’t own any other light colored clothing.

You can’t force someone to ask you out on a date. You just have to put yourself out there and hope they get the hint.

And if they don’t, you must move on. No more dwelling on what never was.

Sometimes the best feeling in the world is having an open road in front of you, and no place to go.

Spending money on quality products for your hair or skin is a smart choice. It might pain you to see the final price tag, but you have to remember that it’s for the greater good.

In other words, treat yo self.

Which also translates to: look good, feel good

And shit if I don't look good and feel good almost every single day lately.