To Whom It May Concern

I learned the true meaning of think before you speak during my last relationship.

My words, when said without time to reflect, can cut deep. I used to say things, cruel things, without thinking- without even remembering, so that when I settled back down, it was truly all a blur.

Not anymore.

I fight clean now.

I take my time to respond. I process things. I let the first snap of an emotional response subside before I answer- before I explain. So that my words are chosen carefully, in consideration to you, and your emotions.

Here’s the trick- you have to let me.

You have to let me be silent; you have to let me think long and hard about what I want to say, so that I don’t make things worse. Because I have, and I could again, if pressured to react.

Understand that my silence is not distancing; it’s what will bring me back to you.

But only when I’m ready.

And only when you're ready. I'll respect the space you need to reflect, too.

So that we can fight clean, and play dirty

Sound good to you?