Alissa Lately

watching: a lot of this

READING: I've developed this terrible habit of reading more than one book at a time. It's not a big issue when I'm reading a fiction and a non-fiction simultaneously, but the two I'm reading now (The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference and Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking) are starting to blend together. Any fiction recommendations for me?

EATING: Hershey eggs because Easter is so soon, and that means I won't be able to get my hands on these eggs again until next March. I also cooked Monday night for the first time in weeks- these stuffed shells are what dreams are made of.

WATCHING: Old episodes of Veep, gearing up for the new season. Also, commercials for the last season of Mad Men, with tears in my eyes and love in my heart for Don Draper.

LOOKING FORWARD TO:Warm mornings, hot days, long nights, more (a lot more) concerts, traveling, grilling!, maybe going for hikes, etc. Just being able to be outdoors without a jacket and/or boots.

THINKING ABOUT: If I'm being honest? Food. I could say some vaguely wonderful thing like, "Where this next chapter of my life will take me." But that's a lie, because I'm thinking about tacos. I blame Kerri, who sent me a picture of the tacos she had for lunch the other day, and shit if I haven't thought about them every day since.