When life is like a Ludacris song...

After online dating on and off for a year now, there are very few things that surprise me.

I mean, wives and children surprise me- but very few things beyond that.

It's perfectly normal to be talking to a guy who seems great, and funny, and really interested, and then he just disappears.

Like, poof! He's gone. He's unmatched you. He stops texting or responding to texts.

That's it. That's all, folks.

So, now when I make the leap from talking to someone through a dating app to actually texting with him, I don't save his number in my phone. A guy needs to prove that he is going to stick around long enough before I consider saving it.

Because if (and I do mean when) they go MIA, I can just delete the text thread and be done with it.

At one point, I had three different guys texting me, and none of their numbers were stored in my phone.

How did I keep the conversations straight, you might ask?

Well, they were all originally from different parts of the state, so they all had different area codes.

I literally had hoes in different area codes.

Oh, and for the record, two of those guys disappeared on me- and I disappeared on one of them. I'm definitely not playing the victim here- I'm guilty of the disappearing act, too.